I took the fastback to the MCA national show in Dearborn, MI June 12-14, 1998. It was a very long trip from NC, but was definitely worth it. The Dearborn show was the largest MCA national ever with around 500 cars in attendance. There were alot of really nice cars.

The fastback took Gold in concours trailered again. I lost 10 points at this show which I thought was good considering an MCA Gold Card judge well known for being tough on these early cars judged my car. Here is what I lost points for. All are one point deductions except when noted.

-Dipstick not black, radiator cap chrome(my response: the judges obviously did not read the judges sheets when they deducted this point. I guess they thought I have a hi-po kit, but I have a Cobra dress up kit which can have chrome stock style valve covers. This point should not have been deducted)

-Rubber fuel line not marked "GAS"(my response: laziness. should have looked under the car to see the stamping or given the car the benefit of a doubt. Point should not have been deducted. I have new old stock "GAS" marked fuel lines)

-Washer pump wrong style(my response: I may be wrong on this one. Still checking)

-Buckles on seat belts early style(my response: they were wrong on this too. The deluxe 65 belt was a 2-piece buckle similar to the 64.5 style)

-Driver door fit, misc(my response: the door is fine, its the fender that needs adjusting. I allowed 5 points for body fit so no surprises here)

-Ripples in paint, chips(3 points)(my response: I know my paint isnt the greatest. I allowed 5 points for that too.)

-Vent window chrome on RH vent window (my response: the vent windows on the car were not rechromed. I suspected I might lose a point for them. They do look good though with no pits, just some very light spider webbing in the chrome)

-Antenna silver cap not beveled (my response: i know, i know. I bought an NOS and it was bent during shipping. Didnt have time to get another one before this show)

Sorry, no pictures from this event.

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