Well, here it is, the FINAL product. The pictures linked from here were taken at the fastbacks very first national MCA show on March 27-29 in Pensacola, FL which also happened to be the cars' first public appearance. I finished the car on Wednesday of the same week as the show and everything fell in place at the last minute and I made it there with no problems. All in all, the show was a major success for myself. I took a Gold award in Division I, Concours Trailered 64.5-65 Closed and to top that, my car was photographed by Teresa Vickery and will be appearing in the Mustang Times before the end of this year. I couldn't believe all of this happened at once!

For Concours Trailered, one must score 97% of 705 points to receive a Gold award. About 21 points is the total amount of points to miss and still receive a Gold. Everyone will be happy to know that my car only had 4 points deducted out of the 705 which is 99.4% of the points.

Here is what was deducted(I lost 1 point for each item):

-Incorrect label on Voltage Regulator (my response: the judges sheets still say a 65 alternator car must have a FoMoCo label on the regulator. About 2 months ago, a rule change was made which noted that Autolite was also correct for an alternator car, the judges didnt know about the rule change and this point should not have been deducted)

-Could use more Orange Peel in the paint (my response: OK, but there is plenty of orange peel if one takes the time to look for it.)

-Antenna silver cap not beveled (my response: the antenna is NOS, but i didnt know that there was a design change, will probably replace this with another, correct, NOS piece. picky, picky!)

-Exhaust system welded instead of clamped (my response: Dual exhaust from the factory during the time my car was built had the exhaust welded. Cars that had dual exhaust added by the dealer were clamped. A factory GT job has a pair of clamps at the H-pipe and the horseshoe clamps that hold the exhaust trunpets in place. The other 2 intersections at the muffler are welded. Point should not have been deducted)

Not too shabby eh? Both guys that judged my car were MCA Gold Card judges which I will not disclose their names. They did miss a few things that were obvious which I would like to keep to myself instead of making them public. But, the obvious things only would have amounted to 5 points max anyway.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and I hope you enjoy these long awaited photos.

Lennie and I posing by the car

side shot

rear/side shot

front/side shot

front shot

engine bay

interior shot


rear shot

the Gold

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