The fastback went on another trip, this time to the MCA national show in Somerset, NJ July 3-5, 1998. Fellow judge and friend Pete Morgan rode along for the trip to attend the show and also to judge(Pete is a certified MCA judge for 67-68 concours classes). The show was nice with plenty of room to spread out. There were alot of really nice cars on display. I judged 66 concours at this show and also judged a 68 Thoroughbred with Pete. Judging the Thoroughbred was really fun and we got to be really picky. We found a few incorrect part numbers as well as a few wrong date codes. Judging thoroughbred really uses everything you have learned in judging. Friends Chip Hill and Brian McDonald also came to this show. Chip won a Gold award with his concours trailered 64.5 convertible and Brian didn't get his car finished in time for this show.

I won my 3rd consecutive Gold award at this show missing a total of 11 points. The car was judged by a fellow Gold Card judge that probably knew more about my car then he should have from me talking with him, but I think he was the most accurate in judging the car to date. Following is what I had points deducted for(one point each unless noted):

-Dirt on hinges(my response: when the hinges were phosphated, there was some traces of rust that didnt get knocked off in the blasting cabinet. When I oiled the hinges, some of this came out and I overlooked it when cleaning. Good deduction)

-Chrome on console 2 colors(my response: pretty sharp eye! Thanks to a vendor that I wont mention, my new $125 long chrome insert piece came new with a chrome tint that did not match the perfect original shifter bezel. I usually conceal this, but I didn't get by with it this time. Good going.)

-Dings in RF fender & Left Door. Right door wavy(5 points)(my response: FINALLY!! Somebody finally saw the flaws in my bodywork. I always figured I would lose 5 points for this and finally did.)

-Paint chips and heavy paint spots(2 points)(my response: I figured 5 points max on my paint. I totally agree with this deduction, my paint is not perfect)

-Drip Rail on drivers side, small dents(my response: I agree with this, there are a couple small(very small) dings in my original drip rail mouldings. Couldnt justify putting repos on the car and didnt know how to fix the dings.)

-Scratches in rear glass(my response: I agree with this too. I used the original rear glass and it has one scratch in it that is noticeable)

Sorry, no pictures from this event yet, may have a couple in the future

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