Hi, my name is Charles Turner. I currently live in Apex, NC which is a town just southwest of Raleigh, NC and I have been restoring vintage Mustangs since the late 80's. My first Mustang was a 68 6 cylinder coupe painted Seafoam Green. The color left something to be desired but the car was enough to spark an interest in restoring Mustangs.

I am currently the Mustang Club of America Assistant National Head Judge for years 64.5-65 and 66.  I've been involved in judging since the mid 90's.  The most satisfying part about being a judge is having the opportunity to assist fellow Mustang owners with the fine details of their cars.  

I don't know if this is the greatest place to thank a specific person for their influence on me, but I would like to thank Lennie Gardner of Garner, NC for all he has done for me in the past. Without him I would not be the same person and without him I would definitely not be as knowledgeable about Mustangs.

I am always willing to share advice with others about restoring Mustangs. I am also always willing to learn something new. If you wanna talk about mustangs or anything else, just drop me a line!!

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